Freedom Is Not Free

Veterans give up their lives so that we are able to live ours freely. Think about the sacrifices Veterans have made so that we can all wake up, earn a living, raise a family, spend time with friends, and know that there is a price Veterans pay to make our happy lives possible.

Did you ever wonder what life is like for veterans when they come home? Over 50% of military personnel do not seek any type of service from the VA and all the wonderful nonprofits servicing Veterans. Veterans leave a high-adrenaline, structured, group-centered life and come home to a life that is slower and unstructured and are unaware or unable to find the support needed. They leave a life filled with purpose and come home to no purpose. They leave a life where they were relied on by many and felt powerful and come home to being relied on by no one and feeling invisible and powerless. Over 22 veterans a day commit suicide because of this struggle to transition from service to civilian life. Veterans R&R is an IRS Registered 501c3 Not For Profit Organization.

Release and Relief

We can and should help these men and women who have served this country. Veterans R&R offers them the release and relief they need:

  • release from hiding out at home alone
  • relief from worrying about what’s next
  • release from feeling alone
  • relief from wondering who to trust

At the least, Veterans R&R offers veterans laid back, fun events where they can talk to other veterans. At the most, Veterans R&R gives veterans a safe place to call home where veterans can help others while helping themselves in return.