Kimberley Bentele is the wife of Marine Corp Veteran Ryan Bentele, as well as a Board Member for Veteran’s R&R.  She lives in Woodstock, Illinois, with Ryan and their three children, Benjamin, Charlie, and Annabelle.  Kimberley met Ryan after he returned from a deployment to Iraq in 2005, and they have been together ever since.  She has helped Ryan deal with the physical and non-visible wounds of war, including PTSD and a TBI.  After finding Operation Wild Horse in 2017, Kimberley found there to be a profound change in Ryan’s PTSD symptoms. They have subsequently both devoted a great deal of time to community outreach and volunteering to help other Veteran families in the area.

Kimberley has an extensive military family history.  Her Father and Grandfather were in the Navy, with her Grandfather being in Japan during WWII.  She also had an Aunt that was a nurse in the Army during WWII.

After years of advocating for Ryan’s healthcare through the VA, Kimberley decided to become a nurse. She has worked extensively in psychiatric settings, including an inpatient mental health unit, as well as in a leadership position on a neuroscience unit.  She currently works in a local hospital in the Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit.  While she loved working at the bedside with patients, she felt a need to serve the community on a deeper level and graduate in October as a Family Nurse Practitioner.  She hopes to be able to work with the Veteran population in a Primary Care setting.