Veterans R&R Outreach and Resource Locker 

 1000 Rand Road, Suite 109 in Wauconda, IL


 Outreach and Resource Locker Goal

The goal of the Locker will be to attract Veterans in need of service and find out how Veterans R&R can assist them in getting the help they need to get back on their feet. By partnering with other great organizations our hope is that every service member that walks through the door will be connected with the resource that can fulfill their needs. the rate of homeless/at-risk veterans is our main target here, and our mission is to reduce it.
  • On Veteran’s Day, 2016 Veterans R&R held a ribbon cutting ceremony in Wauconda to officially open. Thanks to all that came out to join us!



Outreach and Resource Locker History

  • In the summer of 2013, Veterans R&R was made aware of the growing challenges that the veteran community was facing with homelessness and at-risk individuals.
  • In October of 2013, Veterans R&R initiated the development of its Outreach and Resource Locker which consisted of collecting coats for homeless veterans. Those coats were then provided to the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans in DuPage County for distribution.
  • In 2014, Veterans R&R forged a partnership with Legacy Corps, an AmeriCorps Program. In this partnership Veterans R&R increased its footprint in helping to provide additional essential items identified from Legacy Corps, obtained directly from interviewing homeless Veterans in Cook, Lake, McHenry, DuPage & Winnebago Counties.The study performed by Legacy Corps unveiled 60 essential survival items. Together in 2014 Legacy Corps and Veterans R&R started running multiple drives to collect items from the 60 identified from the study. Veterans R&R added an additional distribution point via our partnership with the Midwest Veterans Closet located in Lake County, IL that serves Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.
  • In 2016 Veterans R&R expanded its partnership with Baird & Warner (Val Campbell)  to run their own collection drive for the Barrington Offices Day of Caring. In another new partnership with James A. Lovell Veteran Health Care Center, our teams worked directly with the VA Homeless Veteran Drop in Center to develop a plan to create awareness for homeless veterans and provided 75 back packs filled with items from the 60 identified items. The Day of Caring was a major success and the backpacks were distributed to the drop in center to be provided to homeless Veterans.

Why Outreach and Resource Locker

  • During the Vietnam Era, it took on average a veteran to become homeless 10 years. For the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans the average less than 1 year to become homeless.
The words “homeless” and “veteran” should never be used in the same sentence! They fought to keep this country free! If you know of someone that is struggling please help them reach out to us. Don’t wait until they become a statistic.
Please help us maintain and keep this valuable resource.