Mission Pillar 1 - Capture

Capture is the process in which we obtain personal data of the ones we serve. One of the biggest challenges that most Veteran organizations face is not having any Veterans to provide their services to. We want to obtain as much data as possible to connect Veterans to organizations that can help them. We serve as a bridge; their ONE point of contact who can connect them to everyone else.

Capture can be broken down into 4 main personnel categories.

  1. Active Duty Military Member
  2. Veteran
  3. Veteran Family Member (defined as immediate family )
  4. Supporter

Once we capture the data we then decide how many of the 4 main categories they fall in and cross referenced to the Veteran Lifecycle.

Mission Pillar 2 - Integrate

Integration phase is about learning about each Veteran, determining his/her needs, and then connecting them to the appropriate resources and organizations.

Mission Pillar 3 - Sustain

Sustainability comes from the verb, “to sustain” and for our purposes, perhaps one of the best definitions is in the Chambers Concise Dictionary, where it’s defined as “to keep going; to withstand, tolerate, or endure; to bolster, strengthen, or encourage; to suffer or undergo…to support…to maintain or provide for something; to maintain or prolong; to bear the weight of or support something.” We want to get and keep Veterans involved and connected to one another, to us, and to our partner organizations. By doing that, we’ll be able to walk alongside them in their journey to “sustain”.

Mission Pillar 4 - Reintegrate

This is for individuals that we have been working with that for any reason we might have lost touch with. Depending on the defined personnel category they will be assigned a risk level.

After the risk level has been assigned appropriate steps will be followed in order to re-capture, re-integrate and sustain the individual.