Operation Wild Horse and the Western Dressage Association of America are excited to announce an incredible partnership.

The goal:

  • create awareness for Veterans participating in Western Dressage
  • educate the Veteran community that the Western Dressage Association supports America’s Veterans &
  • “Dressage” being the oldest form of military riding a great discipline for Veterans to get involved in.

Western Dressage sits at the core of riding for OWH Members. It allows OWH to build a solid foundation for Veterans that wish to learn to ride.

WDAA offers two Veteran memberships:

  1. Yearly Membership that includes a Veteran Lapel Pin
  2. Lifetime Membership that includes a Veteran Belt Buckle

The partnership between our two great organizations allows OWH to ensure:

  1. Safety of the Rider
  2. Safety of the Mustang
  3. Safety of the Spectator