Veterans R&R provides a number of programs. The heartbeat of “what we do” is to educate and “create awareness”. There are over 43,000 non profits and government agencies that service veterans in some capacity. Did you know that 50% of veterans never seek any service, the veteran rate of homelessness is double the civilian population and 22 veterans including 1 active duty commit suicide a day. We need your help.

Outdoors Program

In 2013, Veterans R&R formed the R&R Outdoors program as a way to engage veterans, provide an opportunity to take part in fun outdoor activities, spend time with peers and friends and learn about other ways that Veterans R&R can serve them.

Operation Wild Horse
Operation Wild Horse

In the Spring of 2017 Veterans R&R launched Operation Wild Horse. We aim to improve the lives of Veterans and Active Duty Military through a strong and thriving community.